Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs.

‚ÄčWe have been in the antique, auction and estate sale businesses combined for 20 years. We are a bonded, family owned and operated company, as well as, members of the Better Business Bureau.
We will provide services for any estate need; including: moving, downsizing, or a death in the family.

I Heart Estate Sales understands the dignity and great care your possessions need, and will handle every detail of the sale so you don't have to. 

Our services


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Mike, Barb and the great team at I Heart Estate Sales! We used them to liquidate my mother's MASSIVE collections of glassware, dolls, antiques, furniture, quilts, outdoor tools and much much more. You name it, my dear mother collected it. It was a Herculean effort to organize and display everything, and the results were amazing! They were an absolute joy to work with---and best of all, they know their stuff. From how to display, pricing, security and staffing---I didn't have a thing to worry about. I would have been completely overwhelmed, but Mike, Barb and team had everything washed, organized and beautifully displayed. Our family highly recommends I Heart Estate Sales!  -- Ann Elliott

What We Do

1. FREE CONSULTATION to help you decide if a Tag/Estate Sale is right for you! We help you determine what can be sold, what can be discarded, and what you can donate. We assist you each step of the way!!


Nothing out of pocket, we charge a flat percentage rate or "commission" from the sale revenue and adjust our bid prior to each job,

as every household is different so too is the work needed to liquidate it.

2. FREE SET-UP: Our Staff brings along tables, display cases, etc. We place price stickers and signs on the items for sale.

3. WE ADVERTISE LIKE NO ONE ELSE! Our E-MAIL LIST/Facebook page has thousands of customers and continues to grow! Great Advertising is Key to a Successful Tag Sale!  We post many photos of your items for sale insuring that you have the greatest exposure possible. We also advertise your Estate/Tag Sale using Facebook, www.Craigslist.org, surrounding town newspapers, and our website.
WE PLACE LARGE SIGNS in the community to capture impulse shoppers.

We research your valued items to help you get the highest prices available! We help arrange for reputable donations after the sale.

We can provide a complete CLEANOUT SERVICE** after the Estate/Tag Sale so that your home is broom swept for closing. Our turnaround time from Tag Sale to Cleanout can be 48 hours! We have the best prices! In addition to the Tag Sale, we will often have a 3-4 hour tag sale on the Cleanout day which often pays for the cleanout!

5. WE HAVE INTEGRITY, WE'RE DEPENDABLE & WE HAVE GOOD PEOPLE SKILLS! It doesn't matter if you live in a cottage or a mansion... All of our customers are treated with the same respect!  The company specializes in the unique needs of Senior Citizens and Adults who may have experienced loss or are moving for the first time after living in their home for many years.

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Before your sale

There are a few instructions before we begin your estate sale.

1.  Please dispose of any medications.

2.  Please remove all personal items from the home prior to I Heart beginning work including personal photographs and papers.

3.  Please clean out the refrigerator and disconnect ice maker, if to be sold.

4.  Please have lawn mowed before sale begins.

5.  Please keep all utilities, except telephone service & television.

6.  Please do not throw anything away, we will determine whether an item is of value and can be sold.

7.   There is no need to clean out the kitchen cabinets, drawers, closets, etc. as we do this as we prepare for the sale.

8.  If you come across any instruction booklets for any of the appliances or other household items, please set these aside for us.

Some of our work

Tulsa, OK, United States