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Please note:

- DO NOT block neighborhood driveways or mailboxes.

- We invite you to bring your children to the sale, but please maintain a close watch on your children, and please hold young children by the hand.

- Any items damaged and/or broken by guests are the responsibility of the guest.

- Large purses/handbags, laptop cases, and backpacks are prohibited at the Estate Sale; guests choosing not to comply with this policy may be denied entry into the sale.

- Due to insurance reasons, our employees are unable to carry, lift, or transport large, heavy, or bulky items available for purchase at the sale-- Please make your own transporting and carrying arrangements prior to your purchase.

- Per Oklahoma Tax Commission regulations, all items for sale are subject to applicable local and state sales tax, unless your provide us with valid Tax Exempt Documentation,

- Each dealer must submit a copy of his or her current and valid tax exemption permit, otherwise sales tax of that area will apply.

*Questions about pricing will not be answered online! Please come by and see us for additional information.*
****** House under 24 Hour Surveillance*****


Prepare to be captivated as you enter a world where every corner is packed with treasures, each piece contributing to an eclectic tapestry of style and charm. The air is charged with a magical energy, inviting you to explore the enchanting offerings of this estate sale.
• Tons of Costume & Sterling Jewelry
• Incredible original artwork by Tulsa native
[🛋️] Furniture:
• Gorgeous Couch
• Mid Century Modern Accents
• Marble Top Coffee Table (A Personal Favorite)
• Huge Globe Bar
• Three Queen Size Beds
• Secretary Desk
• Bar Stools
• Record Shelf
• Book Shelves
• Dressers
• Three Curio Cabinets (1 Small)
• Two Dining Tables
• Side Tables
• Washer & Dryer
• Game Room Table
• Trend Grandfather Clock
[🛏️] Linens and Decor:
• Green Storage Trunk
• Christmas Items
• Roseville Pottery
• Vintage Wedding Dress
• Brass Decor
• Religious Books
• Women’s Clothing (Small-Large), Shoes (8-8.5), Purses, Tons of Scarves, and Some Vintage Hats
[🍽️] Kitchen Treasures:
• Vintage Pyrex
• 1940’s Bauer Bowls
• Catherine Holm Bowls
• Cookware
• Brylane Home Dishware
• Vintage Apothecary Jars
• Catalina Island Carafes
• Vintage Bartlett Collins Strawberry Canisters
• Vintage Ransbury Canisters
[🚗] Garage Finds: Explore a garage filled with miscellaneous treasures, electronics, records, and equipment, including Bose Speakers, Realistic & AKAI Tape Players.

This is your chance to elevate your home with timeless pieces. Don't miss out on this extraordinary estate sale—where elegance meets affordability! [🏡] [✨]



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14250 S. Joplin Ave.
Bixby, OK
(141st and Sheridan)

*Look for our Signs*
Thursday- Friday - Saturday
9am – 4pm

Welcome to a stunning Bixby home where a family downsizing brings you a treasure trove of delights! From hunting and fishing equipment to workout gear, movie memorabilia, and GI Joe collections, there's something for everyone in this unique sale.

[🎣] Outdoor Enthusiast's Paradise: Explore our array of hunting and fishing equipment, perfect for outdoor adventures. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a nature enthusiast, our collection of rods, reels, and tackle will leave you hooked.

[💪] Fitness Fanatics Rejoice: Discover a range of workout equipment to help you stay fit and healthy. From weights to machines, we've got your fitness journey covered.

[🎬] Movie Buff's Dream: Indulge your cinematic passion with our movie memorabilia and posters. Dive into the world of film and add a touch of Hollywood magic to your home.

[🎃] Halloween Wonderland: Get into the spooky spirit with a large collection of Halloween collectibles, including items from The Walking Dead. Perfect for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

[🎮] Family Fun Zone: Explore an abundance of board games, toys, and a charming collection of Mr. Potato Head figurines. Family time has never been this entertaining!

[🍽️] Kitchen Essentials: Revamp your kitchen with a diverse selection of dishware, cookware, and small appliances. The heart of the home is brimming with culinary treasures.

[🛏️] Bedroom Bliss: Create your sanctuary with a canopy bed and matching pieces, including an end table, chest of drawers, and armoire. Elevate your living space with style and comfort.

[🛋️] Furniture Galore: Find the perfect living room ensemble, a kitchen table with four chairs, and a rustic dining table with six chairs. Every room is a canvas for your personal touch.

[🔧] Tools and Appliances: Equip your garage with a Craftsman table saw, two workbenches, a Craftsman lawnmower, and a Pit Boss smoker. The sale even features a garage refrigerator!

[🚲] Outdoor Adventure Awaits: Explore the outdoors with Amish patio furniture, a planer mountain bike, Subaru power washer, and a table loaded with fishing tackle.

[🎨] Creative Corner: Unleash your creativity in the craft room, featuring supplies, a Cricut machine, sewing machine, surges, and more.

[📚] Collector's Paradise: Throughout the house, discover a vast collection of collectibles, books, CDs, and DVDs. This sale is an absolute gem worth exploring!

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8911 E 96th St
Tulsa, OK 74133
(E 97th & S Mingo Rd)

November 30th - Dec 2nd
Thursday- Saturday  / 9am - 4pm