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*Questions about pricing will not be answered online! Please come by and see us for additional information.*
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Discover the ultimate vintage soda experience at our exclusive estate sale located at 5613 S 113th W Ave, Sand Springs, OK 74063. Nestled between 51st and 61st Street on HWY 97, just a stone's throw away from both Sapulpa and Sand Springs, this event promises to be a haven for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

[πŸ“…] Date: September 21st thru 23rd, Thursday thru Sat [πŸ•’] 9am – 4pm
[🏠] Location: 5613 S 113th W Ave, Sand Springs, OK 74063

Due to the volume of items, I Heart will NOT be answering pricing questions online. Please come see us.
Prepare to step back in time as you explore a vast and diverse collection of Coca-Cola and Pepsi memorabilia. This estate sale features thousands of rare items, including:
[🌟] Vintage Coca-Cola and Pepsi Signs
[🌟] Classic Advertising Materials
[🌟] Collectible Soda Bottles
[🌟] Iconic Branded Merchandise
​[🌟] Authentic Soda Machines

Whether you're a seasoned collector, a nostalgia enthusiast, or simply looking for unique pieces to adorn your home or business, this sale is not to be missed.
Parking Details: Ample parking is available to the south of the building, right in the designated parking area for the Sand Springs Farm Critter Swap Meet field. Keep an eye out for the unmistakable GREEN SIGN that marks the entrance. The swap meet starts this Saturday as well. Please be mindful to NOT wear sandals. The field which you walk from parking to the museum/shop is full of stickers/goatheads/evil devil poky things…etc

​But that's not all! This estate sale is also a fundraiser for the Lawrence family. We're turning on the "tipping" option at the registers for all purchases, and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to support the Lawrence family. This family had one of their 5 children suffer a severe spinal injury an consigned items to I Heart Estate Sale to help fund their home renovation to accommodate the new needs to help their child. We and many of our customers wanted the chance to give back. This is that chance. I Heart Estate Sale will also be donating a portion of our profits from the sale to the family as well.





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Please note:

- DO NOT block neighborhood driveways or mailboxes.

- We invite you to bring your children to the sale, but please maintain a close watch on your children, and please hold young children by the hand.

- Any items damaged and/or broken by guests are the responsibility of the guest.

- Large purses/handbags, laptop cases, and backpacks are prohibited at the Estate Sale; guests choosing not to comply with this policy may be denied entry into the sale.

- Due to insurance reasons, our employees are unable to carry, lift, or transport large, heavy, or bulky items available for purchase at the sale-- Please make your own transporting and carrying arrangements prior to your purchase.

- Per Oklahoma Tax Commission regulations, all items for sale are subject to applicable local and state sales tax, unless your provide us with valid Tax Exempt Documentation,

- Each dealer must submit a copy of his or her current and valid tax exemption permit, otherwise sales tax of that area will apply.

5613 S 113th W Ave

Sand Springs
Sept 21st - 23rd
Thurs - Sat (9am-4pm)